Checklists Needed for Office, Industrial, Warehouse and Retail Moves

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Moving your business office to a new location is a substantial project, even for a small business with only a few employees on site. It will require a detailed plan; team assignments; the hiring of numerous companies that specialize in numerous aspects of business relocations; a significant amount of communications planning and meetings with staff, service providers and clients; and much more.

Select appreciates the amount of work required to pull off a business-related move and is ready to help from start to finish. This blog post was created to help you begin to get your head around the effort, select some planning tools, and start planning!

Here’s a Starter Checklist to Help You Start Your Checklist Planning Today!

Commercial Movers Office Movers Project Management Spreadsheet Minneapolis MN

  • Inventory all physical assets to be moved
  • Select vendors (such as)
  • Document where all assets will be placed (in the new location)
  • Keep working and updating the plan, work the vendors, communicate, communicate, communicate!

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