Questions and Answers

Do you only “move” office furniture? Or are you also willing to just “remove” some of our existing office furniture for us?

Yes, Select can dismantle and move existing furniture in-place, within a facility, or to a new business location; or we can dismantle and remove excess or damaged furniture and responsibly dispose of it, make a charitable contribution of it, or store it for you as long as you like.

Can you move our electronic office equipment and personal computers?

Yes, the move of the electronic office equipment like network printers and PC’s is typically integrated into the flow of most commercial moves.

Do have the experience necessary to relocate network servers and other data center assets?

Yes, we can move all of your racked and un-racked data center equipment; or we are available to move individual data center components for you as well.

Do you provide commercial relocation and other services on the weekends?

Yes, it is common practice that many businesses must by necessity plan moves and other physical asset services during “off” business hours to minimize business disruptions 

Can you assist with planning our move?

Yes, all of Select’s account managers have a minimum of 15 years’ experience with the complex logistics of business moves and will assist you in planning for your project.

Can you recycle our old business furniture and equipment?

Yes, Select has the experience and needed relationships to recycle any of your physical business assets; be they electronic waste, furniture disposition, paper and packaging recycling, or, whenever possible, make charitable donations on your behalf.

How do I get a cost estimate?

An experienced Select account manager will meet with you to understand your needs, the scope of your project, and tour your facilities. Based upon that, we are more than happy to provide you with a written cost estimate.

Isn’t “a mover is a mover” true? Why do you refer to yourselves as a “commercial mover?”

No, a residential or small-projects/small-company mover is not a commercial mover.  Select specializes in office and industrial relocations only. This means we have the experience, knowledge, required equipment, and trained staff to provide the planning and crews you will need to relocate your business office, industrial plant or manufacturing facility, or warehouse location with minimum downtime and unexpected expenses.